Air Source
Heat Pumps

Air source heat pump is a renewable energy measures that absorb Air from outside of the building into the heat pump unit, thereby creating hot water and higher heat temperature for the building. Air source heat pump operate in the same manner as a traditional gas boiler that doesn’t feed on fossil fuels.

ASHP has a compression system that works like the Air condition but in a reversible way, it transfer heats into the building through the Radiators and Underfloor heating insulation. It also used to provide domestic hot water for the building.

ASHP is an outdoor unit installed at the side or back of the building, it works in the same way a fridge does, but in reverse to keep the house warm.

There is a special liquid in the unit that heats up at an ambient temperature, this heat is then used to heat the water that is circulated round the heating system in the house, heating the home.

The air source heat pump runs on electricity with a low consumption rate compared to an electric home heating unit.

The cost of an ASHP depends on the size of the property and Heat pump. Before installing ASHP, our MCS accredited technician would recommend the size of the ASHP for your building after modelling and designing the size of your property.

What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

An air source heat pump is a low-carbon way of heating your home. They absorb latent heat from the outside air and use it to increase the temperature inside your home.

Air source heat pumps look similar to air-conditioning units. Their size depends on how much heat they’ll need to generate for your home – the more heat, the bigger the heat pump.

There are two main types of air source heat pumps: air-to-water and air-to-air. They work in different ways and are compatible with different types of heating systems.

Energy efficient and low carbon - air source heat pumps generate less CO2 than many conventional heating systems

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