Storage Heaters

Electric storage heaters are devices that store electricity within its core system, the heater generates heat to warm the house while making the most of off-peak prices typically at night, that’s why they are relatively called Night Storage Heater.

ESH is a cheap alternative means to central heating, its flexible in supplying heat to rooms as it gradually releases heat throughout the day by setting the controls.

Homes with no main gas connection do make use of Electric storage heaters but its mostly common in Flat buildings.

Our expert installer would advise on size of heater to install for your home.

What are Electric Storage Heaters?

Storage heaters mean you can take advantage of lower off-peak electricity rates to heat your home.

They are part of an electric heating system and you’ll need a time-of-use tariff (such as Economy 7 or Economy 10) to access cheaper electricity prices. More expensive storage heaters tend to be more efficient, and therefore cost less to run.

They're easy to install and can go anywhere that it's possible to wire them in.

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