Floor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is another way of reducing your energy bill cost and a great way of making your home warmer, an uninsulated floor loses over 20% heat in your home. Most home occupier would consider insulating the floor after insulating the roof and walls.

Under Floor Insulation

Underfloor insulation does help to protect your home from moisture intrusion through the vapour barrier insulated between the gap under a suspended floor.

By simply having quality insulation properly installed into your cavity walls, you can make savings of up to £250 per year in heating bills!

Floor insulation do come in two main types: Solid floor insulation and suspended/Timber floor insulation. Most old houses have concrete floor that require insulating while most new houses have insulated concrete floor done during construction.

Solid floor insulation deals with insulating the floor underneath the concrete slab or replacing the concrete floor for better heat retention within the house.

Suspended/Timber floor insulation comes with insulating the suspended timber floor with floorboards over the floor joist.

Advantages of having an underfloor insulation are it ensures the pipelines are not freezing, prevent loss of heat from the floor, reduce carbon emissions,

What is Underfloor Insulation?

Underfloor insulation allows you to insulate the gap under a suspended floor. This helps to keep the heat in and stop drafts from coming from below your house. Most suspended timber floors comprise simply of floorboards laid on top of timber floor joists.

Well installed underfloor insulation will mean your house will heat up quicker and loose heat slower

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