Wall Insulation
Improves the thermal efficiency of your home

Exterior wall insulation also called EWI is the application of insulation on the outside of the house. The exterior wall is glued with insulation panels, followed by a render, and then a finishing coat.

External Wall Insulation

EWI can be done on Solid brick external and Cavity external wall. It helps reduce the energy efficiency from your boiler saving you more heating cost.

Dampened wall occurs more if your exterior walls are not properly insulated, for most of the Pre 1900 homes, EWI is suitable for these houses.

External wall insulation does not reduce the floor area of your home instead it improves the external wall appearance, it also helps reduce damp, mould effect on the internal wall and maintenance cost.

What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation upgrades the appearance of your outer walls. By protecting your property’s brickwork, the lifespan of your walls will be increased. External wall insulation will save energy and reduce the cost of your heating bill

It improves not only weatherproofing, but sound resistance too

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