Cavity Insulation
Prevent Heat From Escaping Through Your Walls

Cavity Wall Insulation was first introduced in the UK around 1970s and became compulsory in the 1990s for all new buildings. Walls were insulated to improve Heating conditions for home occupier.


Cavity Wall Extraction is the situation where the previous insulation is no longer effective and the need to extract or remove the insulation within the Cavity Walls.

Ineffective Wall Insulation could be caused by several reasons but mostly by

• Poorly Insulated Wall

• Worn-out Insulated Foam which causes Hazardous gas known as Urea-Formaldehyde

• Waterlogged Walls caused by Pipe Burst.

• Fire gutted Walls

• Blocked Walls caused by debris.

At Content Renewables, we have professional specialists who have the Technical Expertise to remove or extract the ineffective insulation from your walls, thereby reducing damp wall situation, making your walls clean and home warmer.

Removal or Extraction of ineffective insulation usually takes 2 days but that depends on your property size, which also determine the cost for the extraction.

What is Cavity Wall Extraction?

The process of extracting old, inefficient and damaged insulation from your cavity walls required specialist equipment and expertise to make sure it is done correctly. The insulation is removed by blowing highly compressed air into your wall’s cavity while a vacuum is placed in your wall which collects the insulation waste.

What our customers say

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    Couldn't fault this company, tremendous service and had constant communication throughout the whole process. I highly recommend using this company for any insulation or heating installation measures!

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    Fantastic job done by the content Renewable

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    Amazing job install was done with care and my heat source has been up and running for a week and has been fantastic couldnt praise them more.

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    Amazing service and communication through the install of my air source heat pump and insulation. Couldnt recommend this company more