Wall Insulation
Keep your home warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer

The internal walls of your home are insulated by applying insulation to the inner walls of your home. This is done with either adhesive or building a timber frame to stick the insulation to the wall. The wall is then rendered and plastered to finish. This insulation helps increase the thermal efficiency of your home and reduce your heating bills.

Internal wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation can be done for both solid wall and cavity wall.

For solid wall homes, Internal insulation can be done by adding extra thermal like materials on the inner walls. We insulate internal solid wall homes in ways like:  Plastering Insulation, Thermal Lining, Dry Lining or Board Insulation.

Internal cavity wall insulation is adding the insulation to the interior walls instead of filling the cavities. We have various method of doing this, but the type or choice of internal insulation depends on the construction type of your home.

As an accredited installer, we have the technical knowledge in insulating both type of walls. Internal wall insulation for both solid and cavity wall could help save up to £250 annually on your energy bill and reduce dampness for better health condition.

What is Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal insulation is essentially insulation which is applied to the inner face of external walls in a building. It’s usually bonded or screwed to the walls and usually extends from the very bottom of the ground floor all the way up to the eaves level and then carries on and meets up with the roof insulation. It’s there to provide a full internal skin of insulation to keep the interior of the building warm.

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